Top Games Requested August 2021

Wow what an amazing month August has been! So many things happening with everyone going back to school, summer coming to an end and the never ending release of new gaming titles. And fo us traveling up and down the Central Coast from Grover Beach to Paso Robles, Santa Maria to all the way to Santa Ynez serving up some awesome Gaming entertainment… an unforgettable experience! Here has been the trending or requested games this month:

  1. Gang Beasts, Fortnite
  2. SuperSmash Bros
  3. MarioKart, MineCraft
  4. RocketLeague
  5. Call of Duty BlackOps 3 & 2
  6. Madden 21, 22
  7. MLB the Show 21,
  8. MortalKombat 11 Ultimate
  9. Just Dance