What you receive when renting

1. 4 Console Package: 2-PS4’s, 2-Xbox One’s complete with a 17.3” LED Display monitor for all consoles. 4 Controller’s 2 for the PS4 and 2 for the Xbox One. With option to hook up own controller. One 6’ft table platform with extension bar with 15’ft cord.

Video Game Console Drop Off Rental Instructions

1. Choose the room of location: Garage, living room etc. Or if weather permitting can be outside within 10’ft of a working outlet with shading.
2. Our Game Technician will set up the table platform, consoles, will give instruction to the parents/host of event/s on how the operate the consoles and go over the pre- selected games.
3. After set up the Game Technician will perform an inspection and document the integrity of all equipment and will have the host sign off.
4. Parents / Host of the party / event will have selected a number of playable games titles for the event. It is the parent / host’s responsibility to monitor the game play during the event as far as selecting the games and playing the games for the guests.
5. If any technical issues arise during the event you can call our techs who will walk you through troubleshooting to resolve the issue.
6. Our Game Techs will arrive promptly at the end of the allotted rented period, will perform end of rental inspection and will have parent / host sign off.
7. After inspection, our Game Techs will break down equipment, pack up and take off.

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